We were delighted to get our 2023 programme up and running in January at the Hart School in Rugeley. With just 12 weeks to go until game day at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium it felt great to get back in the studio with the talented students from Staffordshire.

The Hart School joined our programme 6 years ago, the idea being to build aspiration primarily amongst year 7-9 students, build a peer mentoring programme and build social cohesions within he school by the sharing of common goals.  These projects a re really special to our team, the Pro-Excel model has multiple quantifiable outcomes from the obvious of raising abilities in dance and opening up vocational pathways for elite students looking to move into a career in the Industry, to the less clear ones of building delf confidence and aspiration amongst groups, building friendships and more importantly than ever right now, giving young people an incredible experience to look forward to post COVID and the restrictions that have impacted our young people’s development so radically.

The theme of the Saracens Showdown Performance is ‘London through the decade’ the show celebrates and remembers significant events in the history of our capital over the last decade and looks forward to the decade ahead.

Almost a thousand young people from 31 schools across England, Wales and Scotland will come together and perform on 25 March in our debut performance at the Country’s newest and most high tech stadium.