From Bad, Comes Good…You can Dance in 2022 with Pro-Excel

It’s ‘lights out and away we go’ for our 2022 British Formula One Grand Prix Mass-Movement Dance Showcase, and we couldn’t be more delighted to share this news with you.

After yet another successful year at Silverstone we’re delighted to announce that Pro-Excel will be back!

Once again this will involve dance schools, secondary schools, academies, performing arts colleges, gymnastics and acro clubs from across Great Britain, Europe and the United States of America, along with approximately two-thousand performers, who will come together for what will be one of the biggest mass-movement dance presentations to take place at a major sporting event anywhere in the world next summer.

This project is now in its 10th year and, with thanks to the invaluable support from the teams at Silverstone Race Circuit and Formula One Management, along with that of all of our schools, students and their families – our Pro-Excel Family – it is now recognised as one of the most sought after performance opportunities in the world of dance.

Applications for schools to join the project are now invited, and we cannot wait to have you all part of this very special event with us.

You can register your interest here!